CBQP Cares


To be a key partner in uplifting the lives of our members and the communities, by extending quality services embracing digitalization.


One of the best performing Cooperative Banks in the Philippines.

Core Values

C - Committed Human Resources
B - Best Banking Practices
Q - Quality Service
P - Passion for Excellence

C - Capacity Building
A - Adaptive to change
R - Reliance on God
E - Efficient Processes
S - Synergized Action


CBQP seeks to pursue the following corporate goals:

    PROFITABILITY - Sustain the bank's profitability by:

    1. Maintaining 10% return on investment;

    2. increasing capital build-up to P100M; and

    3. maintaining a past due ratio of at least below 10%, and non-performing loan ratio of below 10%.

    STABILITY - ensure the bank's stability by:

    1. maintaining a BSP CAMELS rating of at least 3.5;

    2. maintaining a deposit mix of 60% savings and 40% other deposit type;

    3. delivering and maximizing customer service forhigher customer loyalty and first preference for CBQP;

    4. managing bank processes and procedures in adherence to regulatory agencies' rules and regulations, and

    5. establishing an an organizational culture of honesty, excellence, professionalism and meritocracy with clear leadership directions.

    GROWTH - achieve bank growth by:

    1. Establishing branches in growth areas while services and products;

    2. expanding market share in both deposit and loan products in the banking industry, and developing quality clients with a quality credit portfolio ; and

    3. utilizing new appropriate technology in the bank's operations, and upgrading personnel capabilities and competencies resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

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